AirCat is an evolution of the FatCat Brand, originally designed by Blair Mclay and Roger Tweddell in Auckland. Aircat is now being built and produced by Tekam Marine based in Napier and is now led by Roger Tweddell and Brian Nicholls.

This design has been lengthened to accommodate for the demand of a larger boat and further modified to become known as the AirCat 625, currently being produced in Napier, Hawkes Bay.

The Aircat 625, has been designed without thought for compromise or ease of production. It is amazingly stable and rides like it is on a cushion of air even in the most severe sea conditions. AirCat's design philosophy is all about the importance of stability, space and safety with an emphasis on superb handling at speed.

Our boats ensure an incredible ride and handling which has been verified by top boating journalists. Includes refined single engine technology which is both economical and efficient. Boasts a large working space making activities such as fishing easy and functional as well as unparalleled stability with volume distribution stretching right at the edges.

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